Love came down at Christmas! This is the opening line of one of the carols that we sing every Christmas.

But as we look around our world and even in our own community, what we might see is what we think is a lack of love.

In our world there are wars and violence. There are people suffering because of famine and natural disaster.

And closer to home, there are people who are homeless and others who face problems with addiction.

And we might be left asking the question: ‘Where is the love?’

The whole Christian message revolves around love.

Because what we see in the world is not how it ought to be. And if we are honest with ourselves, we perhaps know that in our own lives, we are not as we ought to be – and we often strive to be better people. Why else would it be that so many people make resolutions in the New Year?

But God’s solution is not that we try harder to please him or to save ourselves from our sin by working to be a better person.

God’s solution is love. Because at Christmas, love came down.

You see, God loved the world so much, that he sent his only Son Jesus into the world.

Jesus laid down his life, out of love, on the cross. He paid the price for our sin – so that we can know forgiveness and are set free!

Love came down at Christmas. And if we know the love that God has for us, then we are called not to keep that love to ourselves – or to continue to live out our lives for ourselves. We are called to honour God – and to share that love with others.

Love is all we need – and love came down at Christmas!

Please join us at any of our services over the Christmas period! You will be made most welcome!